Broadlawn Farm is a 15 acre historic estate farm bringing inspiring and creative people together to curate magical events, experiences, ideas and products focused on well-being. We offer workshops, location shoots, brand styling and experience design consultations, both here at the farm and off-site. We like to say that we can bring the Broadlawn Farm anywhere.

We believe the good life is not for a lucky few, but should be, and can be, accessible and attainable for all. We are committed to the scientific principles and practices of positive psychology to inspire love, beauty, kindness, creativity, meaning and connection so that more people feel compelled to share them.

Beth Sheeler
Founder & Creative Director

How we got here:

In 2018, my young, vibrant mother passed away from ovarian cancer. Losing her inspired me to look hard at my own life, and in 2019, I did a major pivot and went back to grad school at the University of Pennsylvania for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, the scientific study of well-being and human flourishing. Since then, that study, and my subsequent thesis research on acts of kindness and altruism, has informed everything in my life, especially here at Broadlawn Farm.

With love in our hearts, we are committed to giving...

...the giving of ideas, of kindness and in a more tangible way, charitable donations. Not only did my mom inspire Broadlawn Farm, she also instilled the importance of philanthropy in me. To both honor her, Patty Quirk, and help fund Ovarian Cancer research, Broadlawn Farm has pledged a portion of our proceeds to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  

"In our pursuit to save lives, we fight tirelessly to prevent and cure ovarian cancer and to improve the quality of life for survivors. It is with this commitment that we reach out to all who are touched by this disease to offer support, services, information, and most of all, hope." - NOCC